alan cutler

name Following training in hospitality management at Blackpool Technical College in 1973, Alan joined the Royal Air Force, serving in a number of roles and locations at home and overseas. After retiring from the Service as a Squadron Leader in 1989, he spent four years as chef-proprietor in his own restaurant in Norfolk before joining the staff of Aston University. In 1998 he left the university to set up his own company offering business and staff development within the public sector. The majority of his work involves supporting managers to navigate a path through the period of great change being experienced in that sector. He is an active member of both the Chartered Management Institute and the Professional Speakers

Ten Questions About Pregnancy You Might Not Want To Ask Your Doctor

14th November 2005
TEN QUESTIONS YOU MIGHT NOT WANT TO ASK YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT PREGNANCYQ1. Can I get pregnant following oral sex or heavy petting?No. You can only get pregnant from full sexual intercourse.Q2. How will I know if I am pregnant?If you have had sexual intercours... Read >